Global Food Quality Management Systems


What is personal hygiene?

  • Personal hygiene is the process and practice in which we care for our body.
  • This process includes washing our hands regularly, brushing teeth taking bath and much more.
  • Personal hygiene important especially within food and beverage industry manufacturing process.
  • Food and beverage industries especially involved in the production process are bound to provide products which are safe to eat for the customers by maintaining hygiene and sanitation practices.
  • Hygiene and sanitation practice therefore forms an integral part of workplace hygiene.
  • Here every employee would be encouraged to follow sanitation practice like washing hands before entering the production unit and other process.

Global Food Quality Management Systems

Bringing the change and improvement

  • To start with regular training sessions would be created in order to provide insight of personal hygiene under Quality planning approach.
  • The hygienic policies which would be formulated would also be demonstrated to the employees.
  • Ever new hiring will have the training process mandatory and hygiene week would be followed to improve the quality of hygiene.
  • Proper monitoring compliance and regulations check would be provided by the management as a part of quality control.

Parameter for measuring the effectiveness

  • The effectiveness would be measured with three fold monitoring process.
  • The supervisors and the line managers would provide monthly report to the higher department regarding the safety measures which are followed.
  • They would also report the employees who have filled to abide with the compliance.


  • Personal hygiene within workplace is an important element for food and beverage production unit.
  • The current scenario resulted in non-maintenance of proper hygiene factors.
  • Hand swab test resulted into satisfactory outcomes and need to improve the hygienic policies were seen.
  • The new hygienic policy would ensure washing hands, using protective equipment’s, and regular medical check-up of employees.
  • Proper monitoring process for the overall hygienic policy would also be implemented which includes the supervisors.
  • Trainings would be provided to the employees.
  • Rewarding policies and penalties are to be introduced in order to maintain the motivation among the employees.
  • The parameter for measuring the effectiveness would be the rate of response from the customers, the supervisors and from the employees themselves.
  • Further improvements would be ascertained based on the response received.


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