Mezlai: The first Emirates Food Restaurant

1. Introduction

Having a dinner outside, especially with family or with loved ones is really a great experience. On 5 November 2017 my parents made a plan for dinner outside. After so much discussion, we decide to go to the Mezlai restaurant, first Emirati restaurant in Dubai. We reached them at 10 pm. After a long time, my father came from abroad and to have a celebration, we wanted to have a dinner outside. Thus we went to Mezlai restaurant.

Mezlai first Emirates Food Restaurant

2. Product Strategy

•    The menu was there on the table, I started analyzing the menu. It was very attractive from outlook. They are having different sections for main course, appetizers, chicken, salad and sweet dish. Their special product is Arabic coffee they offers. Then we ordered our dinner.

•    The services they provide while offering food are really different from any other restaurant I have ever visited in Dubai. Quality of food was also great. They were having special types of Arabic salads.

•    The restaurant is having playing area for children as well, so that parents can have important discussion while having dinner. One side of restaurant is peaceful for important discussions and another side of restaurant is for youngsters who want to celebrate their occasions. Proper DJ system is there.

•    I visited the restaurant on as well. Mostly the customers have given five star rating to the services and quality of products offered by the restaurant.

•    According to my experience about Mezlai restaurant, this is providing quality services to its customers.

3. Pricing Strategy

•    For any company, restaurant or café, pricing is an important part of strategy, which helps in increasing sale of company’s product in the market (Schindler, 2011). Mezlai is also having its own pricing mix strategy. The restaurant has designed different combination of prices for products which are demanded in combination as soups with meals.

•    Price adjustment strategy is when a company is changing its a price rapidly as according to the customers. But as I have observed that Mezlai is not having any price adjustment strategy. No doubt price has been increased and has been varied as compared to last time when I visited, it was approximate six months ago, I visited there, prices have been increased. But that change in price is due to rises in general price. As such company is not adopting any price adjustment strategy.

4. Promotion strategy

•    Web page of the restaurant is having all the information regarding, hotel rooms, Rooms and suites, Restaurants and bar, Meetings and events, Luxury and spa and also having a corner for reviews by customers. (Tellis, 1988) If we visit the website of the restaurant, we will automatically come to know its features and we will be willing to visit it at least one time. For promotion purpose, the restaurant is having specialized features in its websites, describing all about its products and policies. (Mezlai, 2017)

•    Mezlai is also having its own Facebook page for social media presence. The restaurant time to time update all its products and pricing structure on the page. Whatever the new feature restaurant is going to provide gets published at the page.

•    The restaurant is also involved in advertisements in local magazines and newspaper for its promotions. It is also offering free services to celebrities and time to time inviting them for promotion of their acts or movies. This thing automatically attracts a large number of customers.

5. Place Strategy

•    The restaurant is located at West Corniche Road – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. It is one of the famous road for visitors and tourists of Dubai. The restaurant is also providing smooth parking facility to customers. The area the restaurant is located is full of crowd. All types of markets are the neighbor to this restaurant.

•    I have visited many other cafés and restaurants of Dubai. They are also providing best to the customers but as much as I have analyzed, Mezlai is at its best in providing best services to the customers. Other restaurants have adopted different price adjustment strategies to attract customers but Mezlai, without following any strict strategy is a center of attraction to customers.

mezlai restaurant

6. Targeting and Positioning

•    The Mezlai has created such kind of position in the market that its market is continuously expanding. Whether the customer is visiting one time or a regular customer, the restaurant maintains a long-term relationship with them through social media.

Targets of the company is to expand its services at global level. Through offering services like luxury hotels, spa and special facilities to tourists, their services are expanding by word of mouth by the persons who take their services once.

•    Throughout the time, I was there in the restaurant, I observed 200-300 customers sitting at one time having dinner. Their service of offering food is very quick. Their main target is to satisfy the customers and to maintain a long-term relationship with them.

•    The Mezlai is already having a good position in UAE, as it is the first Emirati restaurant providing Emirati foods and cuisines, which provides the customers with savor, taste combining with luxury and tradition in a unique design.


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Mezlai: The first Emirates Food Restaurant.

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