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Mission Impossible Greenhouse Gas


This article title of which is “Mission Impossible” is based upon the strategies of reducing the emergence of global climate change due to increment of Greenhouse gas emission. Considering the extreme heat waves as well as flooding and wild fires, in the year of 2017, the Author of this article named Dr. Peter D. Carter and Elizabeth Woodworth has presented the case scenario of climate disruption. Through the writing, this study has compared the global population, mainly the young people as the victims of the “Unprecedented Crime” as they are the key people who will have to experience the consequences of climate change in a broader sense Further, this article has also identified that being increasing Greenhouse gas emission which is the main cause for rapid global climate change, fossil fuel; industry is entirely responsible by being denial and collusion.

Key concept of the study

The key concept of this article is to draw attention of world population towards take global emergency response for reducing the rapid global climate change for safeguarding people from experiencing natural disasters which may hinder the entire population. In order to reduce the rapidity of climate change, this study has firstly suggested that it is needed to lead GHG emission reduction fast as climate gets bitterly hampered due to the existence of CO2, NO2 and methane.

Mission Impossible -Global Climate Change

Main points of the argument

Climate change is leading people to experience an average atmosphere with ever-increased rate of warming. Considering the increasing rate of global warming, this study has stated to introduce “Negative Emissions Technology “which would be able to remove a large number of CO2 from atmosphere. On the other hand, Long term carbon storage is also observed as an alternative strategy which would make the agriculture industry to increase its sustainability through store CO2 in soils for long time trough reducing agriculture waste. In order to turn “Mission possible” of reducing global warming to “Mission possible” this study has statistically presented the increment of fuel usage and its impact on temperature increment in last two years.

Opportunities for initiating the transition process

The section presents the opportunities that exist in the journey of getting transformed into green earth. One of the opportunities is that, since 2014, the CO2 emissions have remained static. The forecast of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions says that the emissions will decline to zero by 2050 (Carter, pp. 201-224). The plan for 100 % conversion of fossil fuel to renewable energy is also a significant opportunity for achieving zero GHD emission goals. Opportunities, thereby include a target for zero combustionand resisting the CO2 emissions.

The agricultural perspective of greenhouse gas emission

The section introduces the engagement of agriculture in GHG emissions. The plan for achieving zero combustion levels includes the transformation of existing agricultural practice from the usage of chemical fertilizer to biodegradable ones. Production of meat leads to deforestation of tropical bushes, which is also a threat to a sustainable earth. The chemical-intensive fertilizer used in fields acquires the prime cause of greenhouse pollution. Heavy CO2 emissions that result in using chemical fertilizers extensively contributed to GHG pollution. Chemical fertilizers, meat production, and emission carbon dioxide during farming are liable for GHG emissions.

Funding for rescuing the earth

The paragraph presents global funding related to controlling greenhouse gas emissions and providing a balanced environment. Expenses for preserving global energy is about USD 2 million annually. Along with such investments for global energy, an additional $ 300 billion is invested for renewable energy building. The American budget or funding for the mission of restoring balanced earth is very high compared to neighboring 8 countries. Public financial bodies such as The European Bank and African Development Bank have remained engaged in developing finds for the global energy mission. The USA has been noted as the highest investor for preserving green earth.


Global Climate change has raised as the world’s largest concern, as the emission of greenhouse gases has reached its height. However, there are still opportunities, as the CO2 emissions have remained constant since 2014.

Works Cited

Carter, D. P. (2018). Unprecedented Crime: Climate Change Denial and Game Changers for Survival. London: Clarity Press ; ISBN:9780998694740.

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