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MGT604 Strategic Management

  • Meet, discuss and agree on three strategy options
  • Apply strategy concepts in your stakeholder meeting discussions to identify options.
  • Produce a teamwork log
    Individually, you are required to produce a white paper:
  • Nominate the preferred strategy option and apply a strategy framework/s
  • Discuss the implications specifically relating to your part of the business
  • Include the team log in your paper’s appendix


Executive Summary

This report briefs the proposal submitted by me as the company’s general manager, Pro-Go-Ply Ltd Scenario. The proposal primarily brings to light the best possible management strategy that Pro-Go-Ply Ltd Scenario shall implement to sustain competitiveness in the forthcoming years. Additionally, the report has highlighted how Pro-Go-Ply can partner with the existing leader players operating in the market like Google, Samsung etc., to take advantage of the opportunity and generate innumerable benefits. Moreover, the report has also pointed out some direct possible instances and challenges that Pro-Go-Ltd would face while partnering with such big brand names.


As the company’s general manager, Pro- Go Ply Ltd., it is my duty and job responsibility to plan and implement a suitable strategy for helping the company sustain competitiveness amidst the rising complexity in the business environment. Additionally, I am responsible for assessing and critically evaluating future challenges and accordingly formulate counter-attack strategies. Under this purview, I have written this report to illustrate suitable strategies that might be helpful for the company. These strategies are formulated as per the experiences that I have gained so far. Even my academic learning and knowledge have also helped me formulate the best-suited strategy that will be beneficial for Pro-Go Ply in the future.


The increasing demand for videos captured through phones has sought out to be a lucrative opportunity for the Pro-Go management team. I could see that the future of the stand-alone cameras is bleak, and to help the company succeed in the longer run, I need to identify and implement a unique strategy for the company. Keeping this in mind, I met the general manager of the key suppliers and other stakeholders of the company and have proposed the followed three-pointer strategy for Pro-Go to have a transparent marketing approach:

  • Firstly, pro-Go can take advantage of this lucrative opportunity by utilizing its superior camera qualities and merging with the leading players operating in the market to further improve its camera abilities and offerings like; Nexus, Google, Apple, and Samsung etc. Additionally, due to Google’s brand image in the market, I feel that it is the safest and most profitable option for Pro-Go to team up with. By partnering with a brand like Google, Pro-Go will utilize the reputation of the big brand (Hanlon, 2012). Pro-Go will grow faster and expand its market reach and potential by partnering with such more prominent brands (Bianca, 2018). However, smaller operating brands will not help Pro-Go with the same level of power to influence customers as Google (Rouse, 2018). Thus, while deciding to partner with a company, I need to wisely evaluate the target company’s size with which one is collaborating (Beal, 2000). Additionally, I proposed the managerial team working under me follow the following steps before reaching out to Google (Albany, 2018):
    • Estimate PESTEL and SWOT and pros and cons of Pro-Go
    • Determine the resources that are required for implementing this strategy
    • Determine Google culture and information before partnering
    • Consult with the internal management team and other workers about the potential decisions of the future
    • Create and disseminate the partnership proposal with Google and all the associated stakeholders of the Pro-Go team.

As a final point, an association of such kind is always associated with implications and challenges for Pro-Go. Firstly, it is not an easy task to collaborate with a big brand like Google. Such collaboration will increase the demand for cameras, and Pro-GO will increase its production to keep pace with the rising demand. Thus, pro-Go needs to have a proactive strategy in place to address this emerging challenge. Also, managing the internal and external staff and all the other parties is a challenge. Pro-Go might face immense challenges in managing the sudden increase in the workflow (Stachová et al., 2019).


Alammar, F. (2018). Business diplomacy in practice: a grounded theory study in management among professional diplomats: a dissertation presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management at Massey University, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand (Doctoral dissertation, Massey University).

Beal, R. M. (2000). Competing effectively: environmental scanning, competitive strategy, and organizational performance in small manufacturing firms. Journal of small business management38(1), 27.

Bianca, A., (2018). Examples of market research problem. Available from < [Retrieved on 30th June 2021]. 

Hanlon, A., & Akins, J. (2009). Quick win digital marketing: answers to your top 100 digital marketing questions. Oak Tree.

Stachová, K., Papula, J., Stacho, Z., & Kohnová, L. (2019). External partnerships in employee education and development as the key to facing industry 4.0 challenges. Sustainability11(2), 345. 

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