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FLD303 Transition to Professional Practices

Task brief:

You are required to write a reflection on weeks 5,6 and 10 topic areas.


Assessment 3: Written Unit Discussion Assessment


Engaging in this course was beneficial for me professionally and personally. The topics and discussions conducted during weeks in this course helped me understand the personality traits and skills and individual needs to develop. This course was helpful for me in nourishing myself as a whole personality. In this report, the reflection will be mentioned on what I learned during Weeks. Information will be included in this reflection report about the improvements in my knowledge through this course

Week 5

Reflection: I agree with the discussion that has been made in the post. For every individual evidence-informed practice is different. It changes according to their point of view. Every professional has different thinking and different way of looking at a problem. In my view, one thing that is similar for everyone is that a research method is required for collecting the evidence information. It is very crucial that a professional works on evidence-informed practice in order to improve their outcomes (George Washington University, 2023). As has been mentioned in the selected case study, there are different points of view and different individuals involved; it becomes important for the professional to emphasize that each factor creates risk and benefit. According to my opinion, The method mentioned in the post for collecting information is also beneficial. Qualitative investigation can help gain more information about the patient and find the appropriate method to help them (Bhandari, 2023). Since different individuals are involved in the case study, it is beneficial for the expert to use qualitative methods and communicate with them to find the evidence. This will not only help in effective decision making according to my opinion but will also improve the overall result for the Patient and the caregiver.

In order to improve end results and decision-making power, a person must have their own style of evidence-based practice, according to my opinion also (Kumah et, al, 2023). As it has been mentioned in the post, several therapies, strategies, and interventions need to be compared and utilized during the procedure; every single individual has their own evaluation of her situation. In order to find out the right strategy, evidence-based practice should be completed with the help of effective research methods, in my opinion. It is crucial to gain a proper overview of the case by using all available materials as mentioned in the post such as medical history and communication with the relatives.

Week 6

Reflection: The information mentioned in the post is correct. As it has been discussed in week six, evidence-based practice is a beneficial tool for professionals. In my opinion, It is a methodology helpful in finding out the information that further supports an individual’s decision-making. According to my opinion and implementation of evidence-based practice, I find it very helpful in solving complex issues. It is helpful in finding out different aspects related to a problem which further supports the decision-making. It is also helpful in evaluating the main points related to a problem, which helps the professional find the best treatment and methods to help the patients (Evidence-based practice, 2023). Along with this, I agree with the post’s information that delivering optimal treatment through evidence-based practice is very effective. Having information related to the case and having knowledge about different aspects related to the case study makes it easier to provide the best treatment to the patient.

Along with this, I would like to add that it is essential for an individual to have an understanding of the term practice. In my view, for effective implementation of evidence-based practice in the daily work of a professional, they should have knowledge about the different research methods. According to my aspect on evidence-based practice, one of the most important factors is the selection of research method. Multiple research methods are available to a professional, but it is crucial that their decision-making about selecting the right research method is effective. A professional selecting the wrong research method can lead to wrong decision-making. The research method the professional selects should help them find out the most information from the case study and get different aspects that can create risk. According to my evaluation, inefficiency within the research method will decrease the quality of evidence-based practice (Kelly, 2023). Additionally, I also found that individuals should have knowledge about the word practice which stands for research effectively, to gain benefits from this methodology.

Week 10

Reflection: I agree with the areas of development mentioned in the post. By evaluating the post, I also understood that working on mental health awareness and cultural competency is important. And according to my opinion also, it is vital to have cultural knowledge so that good rapport can be developed during communication. As the post mentioned, I agree that providing a polite and welcoming atmosphere is the priority when developing communication with cultural differences (MindTools, 2023). I also support the fact that increasing awareness about mental health is important. Everyone is concerned about the physical health of an individual because it is visible, but people offered neglect the fact that mental health is equally important. In individuals currently, mental health knowledge is much less (SAMHSA, 2023). I want to work on increasing awareness about mental health also. People must have the ability to get help for mental health issues at the right time. Mental health issues are more severe than physical health issues, but people are unaware. I agree with the discussion. Three areas that have been discussed in the poster are significant and should be improved for a better future.

Along with this I also agree that professional development should include improvement in social equity and justice factor. To become effective professionals, individuals should know the importance of social equity when practicing their skills with patience. In my opinion, they should have a sense of responsibility towards a society which should have justice and equity. This is crucial when dealing with patients or in the human service field. For an individual to be aware of the importance of social equality and justice within their practice will help them grow effectively. I have also started to learn about the skills which help me make my actions supportive towards societal differences. According to my evaluation of society, it is crucial that justice is provided to everyone, especially service professionals, who should have the initiative of implementing in their daily work.


This course was beneficial for me. The areas discussed during this week helped me understand the skills that I need to develop in the future to become an effective professional. Not only in professional life but personally also, these skills will help me in becoming a better human. The discussions that have been made during this course helped me understand the importance of self-care also. Continuous learning is also fundamental, which I understood. I have learned from this week that there are different professional skills related to an individual’s personal skills and personality traits.


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