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The essay discusses about the verse of the Bible. These verses are related to what is the way to love the Lord our God as loving the god with complete heart, soul, strength, and mind and also love to the neighbor. The cultural background is based on self-interest and loves self over others which creates conflicts and also create conflicts within people. The story referred in the essay is from the verse of the Bible’s chapter.

The discussion is related to the reflection of Bible chapter Luke 10 from point 25 to 37 “The Parable of the Good Samaritan”. In the chapter, we selected a point to discuss related to mercy for people without any self-interest. The Essay provides details of the story of a person crossing the way from Jerusalem to Jericho and helped by a Samaritan while he was ignored by several persons. The theories and research are based on the philosophy of people and the thinking process which may change from time to time. The current thinking and philosophy of people are different from the chapter of the Bible as the people are currently focusing on self-interest. The Essay also presents the strengths and weaknesses found in our culture and worldwide related to caring interest over others. The difference between the current perspective of people along with the


The story was taken for the essay and what affects me more in the bible is Good Samaritan. The story is related to have mercy for people near us and it is the best way to love the Lord. The story is impactful and motivates us to work for people and has sympathy for people near us.

The story is related to the occasion in which one expert wants to test Jesus in that case he asked the god what is the way to love the god and lord. Jesus said on his question that to love the god is only that way as love with all heart, mind, strength, and soul and loves the people.

Jesus has told the story of a person going within Jerusalem and Jericho who was beaten by robbers and the robbers stolen his things and beat him badly and leave him in a half-dead position. Several people passed that way but no one help him as the Priest had gone that way and when the Priest saw the man and changed his way and took the other side. Then a Levite came in the way and after seeing him he took the other side and ignored the person. After a certain time, a Samaritan had passed that way and saw the person he helped him and bandaged his wounds and also bears expenses related to him.

If I am not looking to the lesson that learned from the story the weaknesses and strengths that found in the world and found in my-self also are as follows:

  • Certain people and organizations have worked for benefits of others such as hospitals, charitable trusts, NGO, etc which is strength of the world.
  • The things that I see as strengths are morality, humanity and love for each other which keep people happy and provide mental peace.
  • The thing that I see as weakness is people work for others in the hope of certain rewards and benefits as the working for others is not free from self-interest.
  • The major weakness is that the people want to help only for the persons whom they know and who are in-relation with them as love for neighbor is based on relation in the current culture.

From the chapter of Bible followings strengths found which each person should involve in himself/herself. The strengths describe in the chapter is as follows:

  • The major strength of the story is that dignity, helpful behavior, selfless behavior, and having charming nature. This strength motivates good behavior and support for the societies.
  • The world is based on each other support in which one has to take care of him and whatever that can be spend and work for the benefits of the community.
  • The help to each other provides strength and peace in the mind as it helps in external and internal life development.
  • The strength that the chapter has is the strength of mind, peace, and happiness that feels after helping each other.

Strength provided in the story will provide you the qualities that must be possess by a person in himself, the strength of mind and the peace a person possess in their life will help the person to grow themselves. The happiness that a person feels when helping others will help the person in helping the other persons and helping various different persons.

The weaknesses found during the chapter are related to our mind and thinking process. In the current scenario when people work for self-interest it is difficult to move from self-interest and work for the benefit of people. The weaknesses found are as follows:

  • The behavior of help is changed from person to person based on self-interest as the people start thinking for self-interest first.
  • The story also consists of the weakness of self-interest as the people help each other with the interest for showing love to the god as the help for people is not free from self-interest.
  • The weakness also found after the chapter reading is that the people want to help each other with certain limitations such as monetary, physical, and mental that restrict them to help with complete soul.

The current culture is based on the behavior of selfishness in which people help each other with certain interests whether financially or non-financially. The people in the current scenario have no mental peace and happiness. For example: If some person returns a lost wallet to the owner, then it is expected by the person to get certain rewards for returning the wallet. Therefore, the current culture is that we do the thing which only helps for our work and those who are related to us. Basically, the people in now days help others and various different people on the basis of their ability and the self-interest they have in such person. the weakness in the human mind about helping others are based on their inherent limitations and also their selfishness, the growth of the human can also be possible cumulatively and jointly only a single person cannot be growing either materiality or spiritual the person should growth on the basis of jointly and the human race will grow by helping each other in the regular basis without any self-interest intention.

Based on the chapter it is expected that the people should work for the benefit of people without expecting to get something in return. It is expected to set a world with morality and love for each other that create mental peace and create strong bonds in the world.

The above story is based on the principal of helping others without any wrong intention or personal interest, in the Essay it has been identified that helping people is as similar as loving and worship the god. In today’s time the help of the others is based on the level of self-interest involved in it. Help with the intention of self-interest is the cause that cannot be said as the major issue of the praising the god. The Essay itself consist of the strengths that a person possesses and weaknesses that a person has in it in today’s time. The lesson that learned from this story is that the only way to love the God is to work for other without caring for self-interest and love the God with all the heart and soul. The chapter of bible has thought us an important lesson of life and also brought in notice that our culture is related to work for others and put others’ benefits over self-benefits.


From the above discussion, it can conclude that the Bible provides learning of morality and keep the interest of people over self-interest. The best way to love God is to keep others’ interests before self-interest. The Story of “The Parable of the Good Samaritan” provides an understanding that several people ignore the interest of others if there are no return benefits and rewards available to the people while the mental peace is based on an interest-free serving of people.

The strength found in the discussion found that the people get mind peace by serving people and helping of people is based dignity, helpful behavior and selfless behavior which must be a symbol of good people and it helps in reducing danger, rid of distress behavior and personal risk. The hospitals and church are working on the philosophy of working for others over self-interests; however certain hospitals work based on the monetary benefits which conflict with the lessons provided in the story. The story concludes that the people love the god which has mercy for the god.

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