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The potential of Digitalisation in Management accounting and control –the case of the UK manufacturing industry


Chapter three: Research Methodologies

Research methods

The research method is described as the distinctive techniques that allow the researcher to conduct the research to collect the data, analyse it and draw an effective conclusion (Bell, et al., 2018). In order to accomplish the research related to the implementation of digitalisation in the accounting management and control in the UK manufacturing industry, the researcher uses the research pragmatism philosophy. The reason behind selecting this research philosophy is that it allows gaining quantitative data on the emergence of digital technologies in accounting management. The researcher also uses the correlation research design to link two variables that are the emergence of digital technologies and the managing and controlling accounting practices of UK manufacturing companies, in a scientific manner. The researcher also includes the deductive approach to collect data from the already passed sources to adopt digitalisation in accounting management.      

Data collection and data analysis

The researcher of this study collected the data regarding digitalisation in accounting management from primary and secondary resources like the article, journals, companies’ official websites and annual reports. The primary data is collected via a survey with 50 managers. The primary data from the close ended question, which is measured on 5 points Likert Scale, is analysed by the SPSS tools. The secondary data is analysed by including the text analysis by which the researcher is able to draw a valid conclusion.

Chapter four: Preliminary findings

From the primary and secondary data regarding the emergence of digital technologies in accounting management, it is observed that digital technologies allow the management to record the financial transaction as well as the operations of a UK manufacturing company. Apart from that, digital technologies like SAP and ERP allow the management to recognise, analyse, interpret and communicate financial information. From the secondary analysis, it is also observed that through the digital technologies emergence, the UK manufacturing company are able to manage accuracy and create effective and valid financial statements.  


Bell, E., Bryman, A., & Harley, B. (2018). Business research methods (1st ed.). London: Oxford university press.

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