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My reflection

Peer group discussion about my integrated project and its proposed outcomes in a critical and analytical way

My integrated project was about helping the community members, especially women who suffered from domestic violence, and the integration with all the peer group members has helped me connect with the values and aims of the organisation that I work with. Moreover, I have found that the peer group that I have would enable the socially isolated and vulnerable people to speak their minds and ensure a proper route towards getting out of the trauma they are facing in their life. I have also understood from the peer group discussion that the organisation would help the people have an education related to domestic violence, how to move on in life, and improve their mental well-being.

Suggestions regarding my project execution and any reasons why I would consider or not

My project execution would be based on providing mental support and well-being to the vulnerable members of the community as well as ensuring the success of my organisational commitment. Therefore, I would constantly keep in touch with my peer groups regarding the project execution and try to share information about the group with other members because it would help in the development of getting support from the local community and other helping groups dealing with the issues of domestic violence.

Impact statement

Significance of my project task in regards to professional development

My project task was significant because it would help me in developing confidence in doing social work and train me to consider my personal and my professional commitments at the same time. It would help me understand how to keep my mentality stable and do social work in a professional manner by collaborating with the team members.

Significance of my project task in regards to those involved with my integrated project or people in the community

Social work involves vulnerable people and people who are suffering from mental problems within a particular community. My project would ensure the development of skills to do social work by collaborating with others involved in community care and also helps in providing me with skills to deal with the vulnerable people within the community.

A specific and measurable difference that my project makes My project would make a specific and measurable difference, which is an increase in the excellence of my skills in doing social and community work. In the future, whenever I would go to perform any kind of social work, the experience will provide me with the confidence to

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