Social Media Related Challenge


It is believed that online media communication is the trending topic among practitioners handling public relations for various organisations(David Phillips, 2009).The digital media mainly focuses on mobile phones, satellite, television and the internet used as means for Internet marketing. In recent years Social Media Analytics have become a booming topic. This is mainly associated with the operational challenges, managerial issues and advantages which increases the implementation and uses of social media for promotional activities, entertainment, communication etc. Social Media is a platform for communication. It has reduced the distance between two individuals. Social media has brought down the world to just one click away. A student wanting to learn a particular subject can do the same from any teacher in the world through online tutoring. A farmer can get the information about the weather in order to sow seeds or to reap the field just by a click.

Social Media Related Challenge

Mostly companies these days make use of various social media platforms so as to build customer base and to earn profit. The report contains the description of social media and how it is different from concepts that are related i.e. web 2.0 etc. On the bases of the definition social media is further classified into various categories like blog, content communities, networking sites etc.(Andreas M. Kaplan, 2010)This report focuses on examining the impact of social media, exploring the new approach and the challenges. To study the importance of social media and its effects with the help of various literatures studied. Empirical observation explained the perception about social media and challenges associated with them.

Literature Review

(Shintaro Okazaki, 2013)Studded thetheoretical concept that is useful in research on social media with reference to international advertising research and they aimed to find further scope with relation to theory building in social media research. The paper derived three key features from the previous work. These features were in regards to theatrical concepts in research that can be used in advertising media for promotional purpose. These three concepts perspectives (networking capability, image transferability, and personal extensibility) is an advantage in case of understanding and acts as a disadvantage for publicity. The gap in the studies is that the international content is still in its beginning, which need the attention. A framework is practically none existing for the gap. 

(John Carlo Bertot, 2012)Proposes theincreased use of social media by government agencies in order to build the connection with those whom the serve. The use of social media involves exchange of crucial information which if leaked may result to greater damage to a nation. These media have provided the advantage of exchanging the information but on the other hand it is also becoming a threat. The paper suggest various challenges with respect to privacy, weak security, data management, governance, accessibility and various other policy issues in regards to information. The continuous adoption of the social media has overtook the supervised framework in regards to information, though the guideline rules behind the framework are still necessary. The paper discusses the regulations of the existing framework and the methods in which they are applicable to social media.

(Andreas M. Kaplan, 2010)Suggests the trends of social media and their adoption in various businesses. Discussed how consultancies and business makers can use these technique for their benefits. YouTube, Wikipedia, twitter and Facebook has become few of the trending platforms of social media. With their bulky content there comes the issue of privacy, security and data management. These are few challenges that are being faced by social media today. It appears that the word social media is partially understood the exact definition and meaning is explained in the paper. Basic concept of social media is explained and difference between them in relation to relative concepts such as Web 2.0. On the bases of the definition provided in the paper classification of social media is done.

(Kristian Tørning, 2015)Suggests social media to be an upcoming field in the academic research and organisation practices. The paper discusses the operational issues, management challenges and advantages of adopting social media platform for the functioning of the organisation. To conduct this study multiple case study were studies and interview were conducted. The empirical finding explains the perception of social media among managers and the managerial challenges directly associated with media production, what’s more, vulnerability about the arrival of venture via web-based networking media exercises.

(José van Dijck, 2014) The paperinvestigates the social media rise in European public service broadcast mainly in the reason of UK and Netherland. The author explores the encounter of “social” and “public” with regards to three levels: professional, institute and content. After deep analysis of these three levels some questions of general like the way general public is coping up with challenges of social media, the way public television earn from social media without adjusting public values are answered. The paper also discusses the challenges regarding the social media content, violation of public values and privacy.

Main body

Generate Multiple Ideas

  1. The uncensored or violent content in social media tends to bring aggressive behaviour in people which affects the mental health of the viewer.
  2. The unnecessary content present on social media engages students and they tend to waste lot of productive time.
  3. There a lot of dependency on social media that student prefers this platform more than books.
  4.  Spending more time on virtual word affect their social life and reduce their public involvement.

Justify why this option was chosen

This topic is chosen because various research shows that in youth of today spend more time on social media which involves high risk of depression, stress and anxiety in them. As they are not physically socialising, these problem are increasing day by day which results in higher rate of suicides amongst youth. 

Research Question: To study the impact of social media and its content on youth.


H0:There is no significant impact of social media and its content on youth.

H1 :There is asignificant impact of social media and its content on youth.

Draw a Journey Map

Journey Map of the interviewed students

The interviews shows that students often tend to waste their time on social media and the reason is its catchy content. The journey map of their problem is as follows:

Journey Map

Empathy Map

Said   It is difficult to censor the content on social media.   There is no option.    Think   This has become an addiction and student think spending more time in real world is waste of time and that’s why they prefer virtual world.
Do   Content censoring is a struggle on social media.Feel   They feel virtual world is making them more advance.


Due to this addiction the students have lost the ability of creativity and decision making and the uncensored content has violated all boundaries. Thus they need to realise to control this addiction. Although this problem cannot be overcome on a large scale but if these social media platform censor their content so that they don’t turn out to be more harmful.

The solution to this problem is strict laws to be implemented to control and censor the content on social media. In case of youth and student there should be a limit on their social media usage. Collages and university should promote book learnings, outer door games, events of interest and gathering in order to socialise more.


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