Marketing Assignment of Nattas Cafe


The report is based on my visit to Nattas on 11th November 2017 at 5:30 pm. Natta is basically a cafe also preferred by people for casual dining. The purpose of my visit was to work on marketing assignment. Though my visit was all about information gathering but the food smelt so delicious that it tempted me to grab a bite, this later proved to be very useful in my work.

The finding has been listed below.

Product Strategy

Analyse menu

The menu itself provides a huge amount of varieties. It is divided mainly into three categories

  1. Starters
  2. Main Course
  3. Dessert

It becomes difficult to make the right choice as the food looks so delicious it is a tedious job to pick any one or two items from the menu.

Marketing Assignment of Nattas Cafe
Marketing Assignment of Nattas Cafe

Now it’s quite evident that when you have so many options it becomes difficult to make choices.

Analyse quality of both services and product offerings

The quality and services has been appreciated by the costumers. The quality of the food and services are great.

They have quick services it feel you are welcomed here. As soon as you enter the staffs’ stands to welcome and the food is smells so great and tempting it appears as if it is their way to welcome the guests.

Services they provide and Product Offerings

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Kids friendly zone
  3. Desserts and Bakes
  4. Private dining area available

Product Offerings

  1. Starters
  2. Main Course
  3. Dessert

All details are already mentioned above.

  • Product that customers might find valuable

Mostly people like Chocolate milk and the Nattas signature dish.

Chocolate milk is so concentrated that you can see the chocolate at the bottom.

Nattas this is a tart that is crispy outside and creamy inside.

  • Analyse food quality, service and ambiance based on customer ratings and reviews

Nattas have been working very hard towards customer delight and satisfaction and over the years this has paid the off. the reviews shared would be quite evident to reflect this.


On the bases of rating and reviews the rating lies between Excellent and very good. This rating is given on the bases of services, food and value.

Delighted Customer

Delighted Customer Reviews


People visiting the have a delightful experience

Portugal people say that the get a taste of Portugal far away from home

 Customer satisfaction through food and music

They provide a demo of Portugal products.

Professional staff


Though the food it great but sometimes the services aren’t that great.

Pricing strategy

  1. Cost – plus pricing- calculating you cost and then adding extra amount.
  2. Competitive pricing – analysing the competitors charges and setting the price
  3. Price skimming- setting a higher price and then keep a scope of lowering it as the market evolves.
  4. Price bundling- combining products or services to increase value and price.

Cafe used mix price strategies

Free Wi-Fi services

Payment by credit card

Coupons system

All these strategies not only add to customer delight but also attract customer attention.

Cafe used any price adjustments strategies

Happy hours


Menu of the day

These techniques are used to lower the price and get more customer attention.

Promotion strategies

In the era of technology, promotion through social media has become the best option.

Nattas also follow the same the promotion is done through facebook, instagram , Twitter and they do have their own web site where all the details have been give. They also have tie-ups with zomatto where people come to know everything about them.

On their web sites they some videos and chef interviews.

Place strategies

Nattas have made a very smart move in finding the location.
University City Road, Muwailih Commercial – Sharjah – is the location which is one of the prime locations of the country. As this place various institutes and collages, so it’s a convenient food joint for the students. So students will be the most attracted customers.

Nattas also serve in one more location in the country i.e  inside Global Village.

Target and Positioning  

As already discussed the have concerned a convenient spot for themselves. University City Road, Muwailih Commercial – Sharjah this hub for the students and the main targeted customers are the students itself. Second prime location is Global Village it has been a famous tourist spot and the target customers are the tourists.

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