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LB5403 Project Management Principles and Foundations


Assessment Item 2 is an individual written and oral assignment. Using the brief case study provided below, identify and explain the challenges happened in the view of project management. We expect 4-5 challenges to be identified and discussed. Challenges could include— budget, scope, project evaluation process, end user requirements, possible specific challenges faced by the project team.

Oral Summary

Throwing the light on the case study, it is witnessed that the IT project named “Making it work for you” worth a whopping 425 million dollars was launched to transform the information technology system. With this, the aim was to foster the state transport agencies led by Transport for NSW. However, going forward it has been witnessed that although a hefty amount of 348 million dollars was spent on the project in 5 years, there were still two-thirds of the project goals left to be achieved. According to the internal documentation throughout these years the successful output for the end goals was only 1/3, which was unsatisfactory and showed the inability of the project to perform despite investments made for its success. In a report provided by the Third Horizon, there were significant challenges witnessed that served as the main reason behind the failure of the project. These included a lack of funds, unable to function as a system integrator, credibility issues, and deteriorating service delivery performance. Meanwhile, the larger issue was also witnessed in the organizational attitude and governance problem that served as a hindrance towards effective management and identification of setbacks. Moving further into the identification of challenges it is witnessed that there is significant technical change that needs to be addressed to ensure that the end user does not suffer while working for the project. In the view of Mehreen Faruqi a Greens transport spokeswoman raised concerns about the cost of the project and its completion while also addressing that this has impacted the cost to the taxpayers. From the various arguments and data of the project, it was witnessed that the project’s success will only be dependent on the timely completion of the project within the approved budget (Gantman & Fedorowicz, 2020).

Some of the mentioned challenges and possible solutions to the success of the project are discussed as under:

  1. Lack of funds

While working on the analysis and report of the project it was witnessed that for successful completion of the project, it was necessary to make an integrated budget allocation plan that not only ensures all aspects are covered but also prevents budgetary shortfalls during the working of the project (Bilir, 2022).

2.Governance/ Management Issues

While working on the project, certain management issues were neglected and this resulted in the failure of the project as there was no accountability and accessibility of the progress of the project (Venczel et al., 2021). To overcome such situations there needs to be a structured governance implemented meanwhile this will ensure transparency and accountability of the process.

3. Decline in the service delivery process

The IT team was unable to deliver the service which led to the overall deterioration of the performance. To ensure the effectiveness of the work it is advised to provide service improvement training to the IT staff and implement a structured process to solve the issues and boost the delivery capabilities of the people (Zaleski & Michalski, 2021).

4. Behavior and attitude in the organization

Various facts add up behaviors and attitudes of the employees in the organization. In consideration of the case study, the mindset and behaviours of IT individuals are criticized which results in hindered improvement of the organization (Ahmad et al., 2021). To curb and overcome such issues it is essential to promote cultural innovation and collaboration between colleagues and also the HR plays a vital role.

5. End user impacts

The project was intended to make significant changes in technology hence navigation and end-user experience have a vital role in ensuring minimum disruptions of the project. With smooth navigation and user-friendly transition, it would be easier for the end user to access the technology and be a part of a smooth transition.


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