LB5403: Project Management Principles and Foundations

(Assessment 3: Austrade Client Engagement (ACE) System Upgrade Project Plan)

You are required to write only about 2 points (9 and 10) as it is a Group Project:

9.Quality Management Plan

  1. Description of quality assurance processes and controls
  2. Quality objectives and criteria for deliverable acceptance

10.Communication Plan

  1. Identification of key stakeholders
  2. Stakeholder engagement plan
  3. Communication strategy for project team members
  4. Frequency and methods of communication


Project Plan: Project Management Business Plan

9. Quality Management Plan

Quality assurance processes and controls

The performance level of the processes carried out during the transition from the previous RMS to the new Dynamics 365 can be measured using quality assurance processes. Besides quality control relates to the deployment of methods to ensure quality parameters are satisfied (, 2022). The following activities link with quality assurance processes at Austrade:

  • Product testing
  • Ensuring configuration
  • Evaluation of key performance indicators
  • Real-world implementation of the deployed system during the training program.

Quality control-related tasks entail as following:

  • Checking the diagnostic findings is required to ensure a smooth business process.
  • The issues need to be tracked considering the types of problems and identification of solutions for both long-run and short-term (, 2022).
  • Comparison with the historical information can be suitable to obtain a complete review of the current status.

Quality objectives and criteria for deliverable acceptance

Quality objectives:

  • To achieve maximum quality of Dynamics 365 for streamlining the business operations of Austrade.
  • To improve upon the turnaround times with better data management practices.
  • To uplift the return on investment of Austrade.

Criteria for deliverable acceptance

  • High customer satisfaction
  • No difficulty for employees of Austrade to be equipped with Dynamics 365.
  • Upgradation possibility considering the need for scalability for leveraging better technical performance.

10. Communication Plan

Identification of key stakeholders

Stakeholder TitleStakeholder Type (Internal/External)Responsibility
Project ManagerInternalEnsures project meets all expected conditions for time, budget and execution.
Business AnalystInternalAligns the business processes in accordance to the decided objectives with analytical information.
Business Program ManagerInternalEvaluates the project based on the perspective about business.
System ArchitectInternalWorks on the solution architecture.
UI/UX DesignerInternalDesigns the user-friendly interface.
Data AnalystsInternalAnalysis of data is carried out for decision-making.
Technical LeadInternalProvides guidance to the technical team.
Security LeadInternalVerifies the security protocols.
Support LeadInternalTeam management to ensure consistent support.
CRM DevelopersInternalTailored the CRM as per specific requirements.
Integration DevelopersInternalEnsures other systems are integrated into CRM.
Austrade EmployeesInternalEnd-users of Dynamics 365 to support in fulfillment of objectives. Using the data of clients, the novel markets can be targeted and clients can be called up for joining various events (, 2023).
MicrosoftExternalProviding support service for global growth (Microsoft News Center, 2022).
ClientsExternalOffers feedback after getting real-time service as per demand with use of support and information (, 2023)
GovernmentExternalRegulator of the compliance for ensuring security conditions and cost estimation are satisfactory (, 2023).

Stakeholder engagement plan

Stakeholder TitleInfluenceInterest
Project ManagerHighHigh
Business AnalystMediumHigh
Business Program ManagerMediumHigh
System ArchitectMediumHigh
UI/UX DesignerMediumHigh
Data AnalystsMediumHigh
Technical LeadMediumHigh
Security LeadMediumHigh
Support LeadMediumHigh
CRM DevelopersHighHigh
Integration DevelopersMediumHigh
Austrade EmployeesHighHigh

Communication strategy for project team members

Project Team MembersCommunication Strategy
Project ManagerFace to Face meeting and E-mail
Business AnalystReporting and E-mail
Business Program ManagerFace to Face meeting and E-mail
System ArchitectDesigns and E-mail
UI/UX DesignerDesigns and E-mail
Data AnalystsReporting and E-mail
Technical LeadFace to Face meeting and E-mail
Security LeadFace to Face meeting and E-mail
Support LeadFace to Face meeting and E-mail
CRM DevelopersFace to Face meeting and E-mail
Integration DevelopersFace to Face meeting and E-mail

Frequency and methods of communication

Project Team MembersCommunication methodFrequency
Project ManagerVerbal and written communicationDaily
Business AnalystVisualisation and written communicationTwice a day
Business Program ManagerWritten communicationDaily
System ArchitectVisualisation and written communicationDaily
UI/UX DesignerVisualisation and written communicationDaily
Data AnalystsVisualisation and written communicationTwice a day
Technical LeadVerbal and written communicationDaily
Security LeadVerbal and written communicationDaily
Support LeadVerbal and written communicationDaily
CRM DevelopersVerbal and written communicationDaily
Integration DevelopersVerbal and written communicationDaily

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