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LB5202 – Marketing Management


Select a product or service from an SME with an online presence that is of interest to you.

o information on key competitors (Competitor Analysis), including best approximates of market share.



Competitors analysis

The main purpose of conducting competitor analysis for any company is to compare the performance of the company with its main competitors. Results obtained from comparison companies to improve their performance and retain long term sustainability within the market. On the basis of information collected from their official website summarised version of the competitor’s performance is given below:

From the above findings, it is clear that the company’s performance in certain section is much better than its competitors while in some section company need proper consideration to get a competitive advantage. Conclusion of comparing the performance of Juliette’s cafe with Zarraffa’s Company is better in terms of strength and customer retention rate. However, its competitor Zarraffa is much better in terms of pricing, number of social media followers and number of outlets. Although the difference in the year of establishment is high but company need to consider all these factors in order to gain competition from Zarraffa’s. A similar type of situation can be observed with Coffee Clubhouse where the company is ahead of a competitor in terms of pricing and target customers but lags behind the competitor in terms of social media followers and the number of outlets. In other words, all these data show that in order to gain a competitive advantage company need to work on their marketing and increase the number of outlets.

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