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Task Brief:

You are required to write a 300 word proposal outline .The proposal should present a summary of your dissertation in a structured way.

Proposal Outline

Research area and focus

History has reflected the mutual relationship between culture and architecture. Laura (n.d) mentioned “We know that those strong, sturdy columns belong to Greece or Rome. A pagoda makes us think of China and the other Asian countries it has influenced” Hence, this study aims to critically evaluate the influence of culture over architecture across different countries. In-depth knowledge of the history of architecture is required to assess and discover the preferred designs of people as it conveys a message of the culture of that society in future. However, the study argues that architecture across different countries is more influenced by the culture rather than the geographical position of the place which is an innovative perspective on this topic.

Theoretical Position

Cross-cultural theory and regionalism theory of architecture will be aligned as the major theoretical approaches. Frank Lloyd Wright and Nikolaus Pevsner are among the main scholars and “Race and Modern Architecture” edited by Irene Cheng, Charles L. Davis, and Mabel O. Wilson is the most recent book on this field. It has reflected, human differences playing a critical role in modern architecture, which left visible differences between Europe and North America’s architecture. Moreover, Hadi Zare and Kazemian (2015) depicted that, “In Persian houses, the interior spaces is separated by a wall from exterior space and there is only a projected part named narthex” which equally influenced Iranians. Contrarily, Fu (2022) stated that “Spanish Colonial Revival represents urban place-making and the establishment of “heritage” that masks past and present racial inequality”.


The research will adopt the secondary qualitative research method as the ideal methodology. After considering inclusion and exclusion criteria, a boolean table and PRISMA will be performed for data collection and the data analysis process will follow the thematic analysis. The study will perform thematic analysis instead of case study analysis among possible research methods because examining different literature will help to prove the argument. The final dissertation will contain a total of five chapters followed by an Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Findings and Analysis, Discussion and Conclusion. While analyzing the findings the experimental research approach will be followed which would increase the reliability of the study.


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