Egan’s framework and achieve person-centered approach

Task Description: (Word Count: 2200)

Reflective Essay, Students are required to submit a written analysis of their role play, with the following:

▪ Describe and explain how your role play followed Egan’s framework and achieved a person-centred approach. Provide examples from your role play to illustrate your comments.
▪ Describe and give examples of the counselling skills you used in your role play (using Egan’s correct terms)
▪ Explain how you collaborated with the client to set goal/s and what goal/s you set
▪ Critically evaluate how you performed as the counsellor. What strengths and limitations did you observed? Where did you struggle and what impact did this have on the process of the session? What could you have done differently?



1. Introduction

This is a personal reflection that deals with the model of role play. The framework is based on my own experiences which I have felt during the role play. Moreover, the discussion portion reveals the main challenges that I faced during the whole work and the impact which I find from this role play work. In addition, the Egan’s framework is used to evaluate the whole project, which helps to clarify the basic needs of this paper. However, there are several boundaries of this project which are also mentioned with the help of Egan’s framework which helps me to connect with the main objective of this paper.

2. Discussion

A. Description and explanation of the uses of the Egan’s framework and achieve person-centered approach

Egan’s framework

This reflection work needs to follow some specific rules which can be helpful to this project work and to enhance the quality of the work the Egan’s framework is used to find better outcomes. In the initial stages of my role play I tried to understand what is really going on between Mary and Steve, which helps me to find better opportunities to work over the gaps. To work over this stage, I approach Mary to tell me about their relationship in detail and also try to know about the situations which bring her to talk to a counselor. In this stage I get to know that she and her husband are trying to get a child and there comes the main issue in between them. With this concept I tried to study their background which can be helpful to me to progress over the role play.

Moreover, it is essential for a counselor to understand the client’s mind set before reaching any conclusion, and I also work over this to involve with me project work more effectively (Scott et al. 2020).  For example, I approach Mary to tell me about their relationship and her husband’s nature which holds her back to work on a proper and healthy relationship.

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Figure 1: Egan’s framework model

In every stage of my role play I have to be deeply involved with the client which can be more helpful for me to relate with this person, so I tried to set up some goals with the emotional and mental support which my client Mary is lacking. I tried to achieve the best quality method to understand the perspective of Mary and her husband which can be helpful to me to study their thoughts elaborately (Begum et al. 2020). For example, I questioned Mary about the reasons for the agreement with her husband, which can be helpful to me to understand the present scenario of their relationship. Moreover, it is essential for a councilor to be deeply involved with both the previous and the present scenario of the client to tackle the situation more fruitfully (Al-Ashwal et al. 2020). Egan’s framework helps me to evaluate my thoughts with the main objective which I have to work over in the future role play models, which is quite appreciating for me.

Person-centered approach

To evaluate my own perspectives on this project I also obeyed the person-centered approach theory, which helps me to shape my whole role play.  Within this approach I have to respect my client’s perceptions and have to value her preferences and I also worked with this. For example, I have listened carefully to all of Mary’s problems, which helps me to respect her value whether it is wrong or right but the client is quite impressed with this gesture and it also helps the clients to become an open book in front of me. For example, after listening to the whole description I quarried to Mary about the argument and the current scenario of their relations and also suggested that she talk to her husband. It helps me to coordinate with the client with respect about her own mind sets (Belingheri et al. 2021). One thing which is quite essential for my whole work is to evaluate the whole work with the information and the education which I have found during my academic experiences, to find a solution of this situation as it is really helpful for me to work over the role play properly.

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Figure 2: Person-centered approach

I also tried to provide emotional comfort to my client, as I tried to support her and her life decisions and it helps me to work over the person centered approach more effectively. Moreover, I tried to get involved with her family and friends, as I questioned her about her friend circle and her family person’s view over the whole matter, and it helps me to follow the whole approving work in a proper way (Chiarello, 2020). I also preferred that she continue the session in the coming days and promised to get in touch whenever she needed some help from me. It is quite a good initiative which a counselor is supposed to do.

B. Examples of the counseling skills used in the role play

A counselor has to be able to understand the mindset of a client in proper ways, which help them to provide more effort over the working practices. Within this role play project I also tried to do the same. I put all my effort to understand the main perspective of my client Mary to help her at my level best.  As a counselor it is essential to give a space to the client to find better opportunities to understand her mind set and to interact with her more potentially. I also work over this objective to serve Mary a space to talk about her gown problems. The main perspective of my step is to give her some time to become more comfortable with me (du Plessis & Thomas, 2021). Moreover, as a councellor I tried to respect her problems and also demonstrate her situations as a closest friend which helps my client to be more open to me.

I respect her views as she has some financial issues with her husband and I listen to her with deep concentration. I also tried to make her feel more comfortable, as I tried to develop a sense about friends and family to understand the moral support which she found from them (Duchesne & Kaiser Trujillo, 2021). Moreover, during the session I tried to make her feel more confident over her decisions, which are helpful for her to not to become mentally broken, which a councilor suppose to do during the counseling sessions.

C. Explanation of process for collaboration to set goals and the goals which are set

During the counseling session I find a basic need to set up goals for the coming days to fix the problems and the situational gaps which can be able to make me feel more confident in the coming days. The main perspective is to set up some specific steps which can be helpful for me to work more confidently in the future (Fiskin, 2021). I found some of the difficulties within the whole task and I tried to identify these gaps in the initial stages.

Moreover, my goal is to connect with the clients in a proper way which can be helpful to me to find better opportunities to work over the main objective of my client. In addition, I focus on the main problem which arrives between Mary and her husband which helps me to choose a preferable way out for them to start a fresh relation between them. From this session the main agenda is to make their relationship stronger than the current scenario which is quite necessary for both of them and I also focused on carrying a healthy relationship for a long time from both of their ends. This is the main purpose which needs to be achieved by some respective counseling sessions.

D. Critical evaluation of the performance as a counselor

During the whole session I tried to evaluate the whole concept from a counselor’s perception to this I studied a lot about the main concept to do the things more properly. The main situation which by tried to create is to give my client a proper respect to enhance my working quality and   which is the basic need of the counselor practices. According to Scott et al. (2020), this is a very new concept to me and I tried to provide the best quality performance to this work, which is supposed to be done within this role play. The role play demands more involvement within the client which I tried to do in my work. However, the work can be much better with some more potentiality and it is quite necessary for me to find the best opportunities to work over a successful counselor practitioner (Kaur et al. 2020). Moreover, I also work over the main perspective to provide some space to my client, which is a good initiative for this work, as well as I was quite nervous as I was not able at this moment to figure out the main objective of this stage. However, I tried my level best to perform well in this role play as a counselor.

Strengths and limitations of this role play

During the role play I have experienced that I have a potential to work confidently over a topic, and I tried to match all the criteria of the role play, which is quite helpful for this work. I am involved with this work deeply which helps me to work with more confidence in this work and I used to interact with my client as her friend to make her comfortable to discuss her personal problems (Hovorun et al. 2021). It is quite strength for this work and it helps me to find a fruitful result in the whole concept and it is quite demanding for this job, which I have worked on properly. However, I faced several challenges during this role play, as it is a very new concept to me and I have to work with potentiality with this concept and I tried to do so.

In addition, I have a serious issue with communicating with the client in a proper way, as I was quite nervous during the sessions. I was quite unable to make eye contact with the client which needs to be rectified within future days. The main issue was the time limit, as within this short span of time I was not able to find the best opportunity to work more potentially on this role play. According to this role play I have to be aware of the working practices of a counselor and I was not quite aware of all the criteria’s about the role play and it became a boundary for this role play work.

The challenges and impacts of this session

There are several boundaries within this session, such as my communication skills, open mindedness and the failure to maintain proper eye contact during the session with the client. These are some serious issues which I faced during the working experience. I don’t quite know with the fact which a counselor supports to do during the counseling session, which creates a gap of the sessions, to know my clients background in a proper way (Koketso et al. 2021). As stated by Rezaie et al. (2021), a counselor I have to know all the criteria to encourage my client towards the positive approaches in their life but I failed to match these criteria, due to the knowledge gap. In addition, I have some serious issues in maintaining eye contact with my client which is not a good side of my role play and it needs to be rectified.

With this session, I become aware of the whole concept which a counselor is supposed to do within a counseling session and it helps to enhance my working quality as I found the whole process more effective to enhance my knowledge over this subject (Kotozaki, 2020). The particle overview makes me more confident about the future works to develop my own overview of this kind of working experience. I find better opportunities during the session to know the whole work more fruitful, as I experience the whole working experience with a practical overview. According to Lehmann et al. (2020), this role play helps me to explore the psychological facts which a person can lack of during the emotional outbreak and it is quite essential for this work field. 

Future scopes

The overall working experience was quite expressive to me as I found several opportunities to rectify my working experience over the topic and it helps me to enhance my skills within a little time. However, I would prefer to rectify my working gaps, such as I would try to enhance my confidence level to connect with the client more potentially. In addition, I would work to maintain eye contact with the clients to maintain good communication experiences. In addition, I tried to cope up with the situations which I am lacking over to set up perfect future goals in my further works within this topic.

3. Conclusion

The whole framework is a description of the personal reflects which I experience during the role play as a counselor. The experience of the whole session is also mentioned with the help of personal overview. The focus of this framework is to identify the challenges and the impacts of this session, which is clearly viewed within this reflection work. It helps to evaluate some basic knowledge for the readers to understand the basic needs of the role play.


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