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Continuing Professional Development

Task brief:


  • To complete this assessment, students must participate in the weekly learning activities. Each weekly learning activity is closed two weeks from when it was made available (for example you cannot get to week 10 and try to go back to week 4 to complete the activities). Students must write a reflection on three of the learning activity discussion threads that they have participated in according to the steps outlined in the instructions section below.
  • Complete the weekly learning activities (You need to complete 70% of learning activities please see the rubric).
  • Choose two of your posts to submit from weeks 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. You cannot choose two from the same week.
  • Choose a third discussion post where you responded to another student’s post. This cannot be from the same weeks as the two posts you have already chosen.
  • Copy the chosen learning activity discussion thread responses and paste into a word document.
  • You then need to prepare a substantial reflective post for each of the three posts.
  • You can write a minimum of 200 words after each post.
  • Add an introduction and conclusion to your essay.


Assessment 3: Written Unit Discussion Assessment


Engaging in this course was beneficial for me professionally and personally. The topics and discussions conducted during weeks in this course helped me understand the personality traits and skills and individual needs to develop. This course was helpful for me in nourishing myself as a whole personality. In this report, the reflection will be mentioned on what I learned during Weeks. Information will be included in this reflection report about the improvements in my knowledge through this course.

Week 7

I believe week seven was one of the most beneficial parts of this course for me. The discussion during week seven helped me understand the importance of managing relationships with people. I understood that there are several skills that are required in an individual to develop professional relations as well as personal relations with others. During this week, different individual skills highlighted soft and hard skills that helped me understand the factors I need to improve. It was highlighted in week seven that conflict resolution is a very important skill for an individual in the workplace.

Through discussion on conflict resolution, I understood the skills I must develop to improve myself in the future. By evaluating my personality according to the discussion made during the week, I understood that I need to improve my communication skills and increase my knowledge in critical thinking (, 2023). I learned about the importance of emotional intelligence during this week. According to the evaluation of my personality with the skills mentioned in week seven, I have a good hold on adaptability skills and stress management skills (OECD Skills Strategy Ireland, 2023). I have also not closed to criticism as I believe it helps improve. During this week, I have learned that it is important to improve leadership and time management skills to have a better professional life (Cross-Sector Leadership, 2020). This week helped me understand the shortcomings in my personality as a professional.  

Week 8

Week 8 highlighted the requirements important to work in a human service organization. This week was very beneficial for me to understand the important skills that need to be developed for working in an organization. I also understood the purpose of an organization with the help of this week’s discussion. This chapter was helpful for me in understanding the main rules and guidelines of the human service organization. Having knowledge about the organization is very important, in my opinion, as it will be helpful for me in building myself to become an effective professional. I was able to understand the different qualities of different types of organizations under the human service program. This chapter was helpful for me in finding out the activities and features of different organizations, which will be helpful for me in building myself (Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, 2023).

Week 9

I understand that all jobs in the world are not easy. At some point, everyone has stress from their work life. During this week, I learned the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. I learned the important skills and parts to differentiate during professional life for maintaining self-health. By learning the importance of self-care, I understood that to help others is very important that I have a good condition. I learned the importance of physical as well as mental health of an individual. It is very important that I have it in good condition (Sussex Publishers, 2023). I learned the importance of physical as well as mental health of an individual. Previously while taking stress, I did not focus on the mental suffering that an individual goes through. Skipping lunch and physical activities became part of my life for a long period of time. During this discussion, I learned that along with physical health, it is very important for me to work out why mental health also. This week helps to be in improving my thoughts about lifestyle. I learned the importance of developing a self-care plan. The importance of including activities in life, such as meditation or entertainment, became evident after engaging myself in self-care. After this chapter, the definition of a professional individual changed for me. A professional is not only a person who takes care of others perfectly but a professional who maintains themselves in the best condition also.  

Week 10- Discussion reply

Post “The three topic areas that i will be focusing on and which i believe are essential for community service professionals to continue professional development are cultural competence, mental health awareness, and social equity and justice. Cultural competence will enable me to communicate effectively with clients from different cultural backgrounds while respecting their viewpoints, beliefs, and customs. I can create a more welcoming and polite atmosphere for all users by considering cultural differences and adapting my responses accordingly. I must continue to learn about mental health issues, remove the stigma associated with seeking treatment, and support individuals struggling with mental health difficulties to provide better services. By expanding my knowledge in this area, I’ll be better equipped to support people dealing with mental health issues by providing them with the right resources. Understanding social equity is being aware of the structural barriers and prejudice that groups experience due to color, gender, ethnicity, financial status, and more. It is critical to promote inclusivity actively, speak up for underrepresented people, and seek to develop equitable and fair systems that benefit all.”

Reply: I agree with the areas of development mentioned in the post. By evaluating the post, I also understood that working on mental health awareness and cultural competency is important. And according to my opinion also, it is very important to have cultural knowledge so that good rapport can be developed during communication. As the post mentioned, I agree that providing a polite and welcoming atmosphere is the priority when developing communication with cultural differences. I also support the fact that increasing awareness about mental health is important. Everyone is concerned about the physical health of an individual because it is visible, but people offered neglect the fact that mental health is equally important. In individuals currently, mental health knowledge is much less (Nature Mental Health, 2023). I want to work on increasing awareness about mental health also. People must have the ability to get help for mental health issues at the right time. Compared to physical health issues, mental health issues are more severe but people are unaware. I agree with the discussion. Three areas that have been discussed in the poster are very important and should be improved for a better future.

Reflection– According to my opinion also, learning is a lifelong journey. This discussion during the week taught me the areas I can improve to become a better learner. During the discussion week, I also learned that keeping the doors open for learning from different places is important. I understood the importance of keeping myself active all the time and evaluating my surroundings to improve as an individual daily. I understood that life teaches every day. Professional should continuously develop their skills according to the time. I understood that there are different skills that an individual has to develop continuously during their work to become a professional.

For example, changes in technology should be adapted by a professional to provide the best services forward. Continuing professional development was beneficial for me in understanding the importance of self-education. It is very important to have continuous professional development with the updates. According to my opinion, several changes take place in a professional’s career, which requires an individual to develop. This discussion helps to be in understanding the skills which are required in an individual for effective continuous learning. I understood the importance of developing an objective for self-learning. With this chapter, I was able to understand that learning about self-development is very important and in the future, I will work on my education skills (Adaptive Life-Long Learning ¸2020).


This course was very helpful for me. The areas discussed during this week helped me understand the skills that I need to develop in the future to become an effective professional. Not only in professional life but personally also, these skills will help me in becoming a better human. The discussions that have been made during this course helped me understand the importance of self-care also. Continuous learning is also very important, which I understood. I have learned from this week that there are different professional skills related to an individual’s personal skills and personality traits.


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