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BA3000 Arts Edge


With this task, students are encouraged to think about a local or global issue (ideally relevant to the tropics), identify the relevance of the knowledge they gained through their degree and what they can bring to the industry.
You are required to present a 2-3-minute pitch, on a topic area related to your area of expertise and/or discipline.
To approach this assignment, you need to identify an issue or issue area in your field of expertise that has an impact on current industry operations in the aim to pitch to a company/potential employer an idea that will have the potential to enhance their operations daily.
This exercise will require a thorough company analysis and research. To articulate an effective pitch to the industry, you will need to identify gaps in the current operations of the industry and implement a strategic plan of action to address these gaps to suggest how the company or employer can enhance their daily operations. Your pitch should also highlight your role in the plan of action you are offering, as well as demonstrate what the knowledge and skills you have gained through your BA studies can bring to the organization.


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