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7COM1085 – Research Methods


Read Section 5.3 “The Research Question(s)” of Kitchenham & Charters’ “Guidelines for performing systematic literature reviews in software engineering”.

Read the “Research questions” section of the coursework specification, to be sure you understand the requirements for this part of the coursework.

Discuss potential research topics among yourselves.

Decide on a topic, then formulate a general research question.

Refine your general research question into one (1) specific research question that can be answered by a systematic literature review (not an experiment or statistical analysis!).

If you haven’t already done so, clone your group’s Bitbucket repository.

Copy research_question.yml from this workspace to your group workspace.

Change to your group workspace, and open research_question.yml.

Write your group name as it appears on Canvas.

Write the names (but NOT student IDs) of each group member after members:. Be sure
to format this field as a comma-separated list enclosed in square brackets.

Write the general topic area from which you derived your research question.

Write your research question after. Be sure it is an actual question and contains all the components of a research question.

Identify and document the:





Refer to the Kitchenham & Charters guidelines and the lecture notes for an explanation
of these terms.

Proofread, then commit your research_questions.yml.

Validate your research_questions.yml file using YAML Lint. Be sure all fields are displayed.

Push your workspace to Bitbucket by the deadline (23:59 2021-02-25)


Is Global Software Development affecting the motivation factor of the team in positive or negative  manner?

Context : Software Development

Population : Teams

Intervention: motivation

Comparison :positive or negative  manner

Outcome: affecting

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